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It’s good to talk!

Counselling and Psychotherapy is a journey towards a deeper sense of self. So, why choose counselling and psychotherapy? Counselling and psychotherapy is all about awareness!

When we understand why and how we operate as human beings in this world, we’re on our way to living our lives in a way that is more effective for us. We cannot discard old negative patterns without firstly understanding how they formed within us.

If we have a repetitive pattern in our life that brings us suffering, it’s worth our exploration. We wouldn’t hesitate to go to the doctor if we had a continued physical ailment. Our emotional suffering deserves the same level of care. In fact, it may be living with the constant stress of the emotional suffering that brought around the physical suffering in the first place?

Carrying stress and suffering alone only adds to the problem. It’s amazing how much better we can feel when we find a place to talk and share our suffering. Most times, that action in itself is exactly what we need. If you wish to make an appointment or you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our therapists will respond to your query.

Alethea Counselling, Psychotherapy, Supervision and Training Services addresses and support all issues and areas that present in counselling and psychotherapy. This can be done in one to one sessions or group therapy. We also provide student counselor therapy/support, clinical supervision – one to one and group, and CPD accredited training in many areas.

Click here to contact us online. Our phone lines open Tuesday – Friday, 12 noon – 4pm. Outside those hours you can contact us on 0838218499.