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Good morning to all our service users!

We are available for our one to one sessions with clients this week, or unless this crisis requires us to close our services completely.

Should that occur, we are now set up for online therapy sessions, so you won’t be left without your therapist or your appointment.

Everyone’s wellbeing is our priority. We trust our therapists and clients will work together to safeguard their wellbeing. No ones appointment will be cancelled.

We’ll ensure that no one is left without support. There’s a huge adjustment happening right now and we’ll get through it together. We understand how social distancing and self isolation can have an impact on people’s lives.

Staying connected is what it’s all about. Like yourself, we’re operating day by day right now. As humans, we’re highly creative. We’ll find our way together. If we don’t see you soon, we’ll certainly chat with you soon, and we’ll keep you posted online. The universe is forcing us to go internal right now.

The weapons of mass distraction have most definitely been removed. Mind your mental health and focus on your emotional well being, especially at this time of change. We’re still right here to support you should you need us. No one needs to be alone. We’re all learning to reach out in a different way.

Let us embrace that change together.

From us all at Alethea,

Stay well and in touch 🧡