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The online choice therapy videos have been happening daily in the past 3 weeks on Alethea’s Facebook page. The objective of the videos is to support children and their families in finding new and better ways of relating with each other.

Now more than ever, it’s so important to take care of the minds of the small people around us. This may also be of interest for therapists who want to introduce themselves to Glasserian Psychology, or students who want a refresher. You can also contact us on 0851277002 in regards to CPD.

The feedback on the videos has been amazing, and we are so grateful to all the families and individuals who have been watching us daily and engaging with us. It’s never too late to join in, and you don’t have to have a small person in the house to avail of the information.

Here are some of the heartwarming testimonials sent to us:

As a first year student studying Counselling & Psychotherapy I am delighted to participate in Aletheas online Choice Theory for kids programme, it is helping me immensely with my studies. It is also giving me a better understanding in order to use benefically on a day to day basis, I would recommend to anyone who wants to live a happier life and choose better choices for themselves and their families.

Alethea do interesting & fun workshops year round and I will be keeping an eye out for more workshops and learning opportunities, I highly recommend. You will not be disappointed. Thank you.” – Carmel Gaffney, counselling and psychotherapy Student.



I have to say, of all the schoolwork covered during this current stay-at-home phase, ‘Choice Theory for Kids’ has been the most valuable learning experience for my children.
I am currently studying choice theory psychology through the William Glasser Institute Ireland for the past year.

Little did I know my kids would soon be joining me on this learning journey! When our lives moved indoors due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Norah Finn and her fantastic team at Alethea ingeniously introducing the idea of a ‘Choice Theory for Kids’ online course.

Each morning the team take turns introducing choice theory concepts in bitesize videos, nicely tailored for children’s attention-span and comprehension. In our home, we sit around the kitchen table and tune in to the daily video, surrounded by markers, blank pages and pencils.

We draw the ideas, concepts and keywords in a way that makes sense for each of us. We are 4.5yrs, 7yrs, and …. ahem, +21 years of age, so each of our pictures and stories are different. Yet we are learning so much about each other’s values and needs during these sessions together and I know we are continuing to build more positive relationships as a result.

Taking part in ‘Choice Theory for Kids’ will be my enduring and fondest memory of ‘Life in the Time of COVID-19.”Dee Duffy, PhD and Mother of two children.



“Where do I start!! First of all a huge thank you to the girls at Alethea!

I was lucky to have completed some choice theory in Alethea, and when Norah announced they were running Choice Theory training for kids online, I couldn’t believe my luck, as I have tried to instill some choice theory in my two young boys, this was music to my ears.

How lucky and privileged these kids are to have this opportunity to learn choice theory at such a young age (and for FREE may I add)!

Its how the team at Alethea deliver it too, they make it so much fun, the kids soak it up like sponges and it has honestly been an amazing experience watching their little minds explode when then they absorb the information and the penny drops, as they can relate to each and every part.

My kids have learned some very valuable tools and life skills ( how I wish I learned it sooner myself) and what’s even MORE EXCITING is the training is not over and they have more to learn.

We have had so much fun as a family with it, completing little tasks each day. Which has helped us as a family, help each other and understand each other that bit more & better.

Discussing each of our perceptions on different scenarios, what’s important to us as a family & as individuals and why. It has empowered the kids to self evaluate and encourage each other and overall have a greater kindness to each other.

Choice theory has given them an understanding of how we choose to respond or act to a situation/something said to them, it has really tuned them into not blaming or criticizing and helped them to make good choices.

I could not recommend this training enough for kids. Although if I am being totally honest, I have got a lovely little refresher of choice theory myself too when it was much needed (so it was a win win for me), I have genuinely got as much from it as my two boys have.

What I love too is that the daily videos remain available and as needed online and we can pop back and re-listen to any topic we need to if we have a bad day. I know I will 100% reuse all of the material again and again as needed.

It is by far the most important subject they have learned in the last few weeks, I feel that strongly about kids learning choice theory that it should be part of the school curriculum.

I can not thank Alethea enough! I am so grateful, they have given all of our little ones an amazing generous gift and opportunity. Thanks to the team at Alethea!” – Louise Pakenham, Mother of two children.