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SOUL SUNDAY is a day for anyone interested in growing and expanding their inner world.

Sould Sunday is a space created for like-minded souls to learn meditation techniques and discuss spiritual topics.

Living is an art and being human and dealing with life’s experiences, is the most spiritual experience available to us. Being around like-minded souls can support us on our journey.

We all find what is right for us to live well, and no one technique/practice is a panacea for all ails – but sharing together and expanding our knowledge can bring new insight into living well in this world. Learning to live well is our Karma here on earth.

We live in a busy world. The one thing that increases in our society is stress. The effect of this has untold impact on our body, mind, and soul. Ultimately, what we are all seeking is peace of mind. In this life, pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

When we eliminate our suffering, we can live an easier, stress free life, then ourselves and everyone around us benefits. We nourish ourselves in many ways, but in this busy world do we take the time to nourish our souls?

We have many people who have learned meditation here at Alethea and incorporate it into their lives on a daily basis with great results. We practice this for one and a half hours together on a weekly basis, and our participants are requesting a little more time than that to expand that space.

There is only so much that can be covered in the short time that we spend together weekly, so as a result, we’re opening up this day for further sharing, learning, and expansion.

Soul Sunday at AletheaSoul Sunday is based on self-directed growth and introduces the participant to meditation, ancient mantras, mindfulness, philosophy, behavioural science, systemic patterns and dynamics, with like-minded people, all with the aim of self-healing and personal growth, understanding and development of our inner world.

Finding peace, contentment, and self-healing is our personal responsibility. When we have the tools, then we can build. We each have the power within us to live a full and happy life. Our personal healing and growth are our gift to humanity. It is our children’s inheritance.

If you’re interested in trying out Soul Sunday, you’re welcome to join us.

Self-investment €60 for the last Sunday of every month, from 10am to 4pm at Alethea. Refreshments are provided. There is no need to commit on an ongoing basis, you can simply book your place and see if it’s an environment that’s productive to your soul. For further details contact us on 01 6204111.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Love, Norah.