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Self-examination requires truth and courage. The art of living well requires us to self-investigate.

To find the courage to open ourselves up to a journey of self-enquiry. Self-growth and development come when we bring our unconscious into conscious awareness. We have two ways of doing it. We walk into it willingly, soul searching and exploring our inner core, looking with openness for a more productive way to relate in this world, with self and others, or we stay stuck in destructive cycles by blaming all around us.

The latter eventually catches up and is presented to us as an unmanageable life. A spiritual life isn’t about been positive. It’s the inner journey of searching the positive and negative within ourselves.

There is nothing pretty about living a spiritual life. It takes courage to face our own darkness. The egotistical notions we have of ourselves as perfect human beings get tattered.

We cannot change the world, the only thing we can change is our inner world, and then the world around us changes. We live an existence of duality.

When we examine our own darkness, only then can we experience our own light. There are many ways we can perform self-examination, many tools, many modalities of healing, we find what is right for us, but ultimately, we need firstly, to find the courage to honestly self evaluate.

To bring consciousness to that which is unconscious within the self. It’s an ongoing journey of self-reflection. Only then do we step out of the world of illusion and into our own reality.


Norah Finn.