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Martina Peelo

“I believe the role of a psychotherapist and counsellor is to facilitate human growth, to enable people to reflect, repair and develop in a non judgemental supportive environment”.

Martina Peelo is an IACP accredited counsellor and psychotherapist. She attended IICP and in 2012 graduated with a diploma in integrative counselling and psychotherapy. Martina is a member of the WGII she is also a student at the institute currently working towards Certification in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.

Along with her therapeutic work Martina has worked in the area of addiction for nineteen years. Martina has a diverse range of counselling experience, and offers a professional therapeutic service based on an individuals needs.

Martina is an accredited IACP therapist and works right across the board with all presenting clients/students and issues.

For inquiries and appointments, please call 016204111 from Tuesday – Friday, 12pm to 4pm, or phone Martina directly on 0871377933.