Project Description

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Accredited Play Therapist

Aoife Murray

Aoife Murray is an accredited Play Therapist bringing 10 years of experience in therapeutically supporting children of various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, combined with 22 years of experience working with children and families in various services including 8 years working with children and adults with additional needs.

Her work is informed by child development, neuroscience, attachment and trauma informed practices. All of this can be put simply into healing through understanding, playfulness, connectedness and acceptance. At times, children and families require external help and Aoife welcomes being chosen to be part of this journey.

Play Therapy was designed to help children explore their difficulties using creative mediums like art, sandplay, clay, drama, music and play. Within this process and therapeutic setting they can develop insight and mechanisms to cope with what is troubling them.

Parent Child Attachment Play (PCAP) is a programme that works directly with the parents/carer’s using simple play based approaches. Originating from the latest ground-breaking research in parenting and attachment, PCAP is aimed at improving the quality of the parent child attachment relationship.

Baby Bonding is a lovely gentle approach aimed enhancing the bond between parent and baby while learning the importance of their attachment relationships and how babies brains are wired.

Aoife is also soon to be certified in the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) which is a short programme using sound frequencies to aid people with auditory sensitivities and to improve social and emotional engagement. She received her qualification from Cantebury Christ University and The Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy. She is a member of Play Therapy International, Ptirl and Ptuk.