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The beautiful thing about life is that we continually change and grow. Learning to be a better version of yourself involves accepting that you couldn’t do better until you knew better, as we’re constantly under construction. Be patient and grateful for the process of being alive. We’ll go through this cycle of reconstruction many, many times. Without it, how would we ever grow?

Knowledge is easily acquired, but gathering experience in life involves us recovering from the many mistakes we’ll make before we develop wisdom. You aren’t defined by your past. Don’t let anyone, most of all, yourself, attempt to keep you there. Everyone falls. Everyone grows. It’s our learning curve called ‘life’.

It’s messy when construction is underway. It can feel so impossible sitting in the middle of a demolition site. Pick up a brush and help with the sweeping up. It’s someone’s life, not a free dumping ground. If you can’t be kind, at least don’t add to the debris. That person is already broken, don’t tip them over the edge.

Be thoughtful about being thoughtful. Think about the impact that any further judgement on your behalf could have. Focus on what you need to learn about how you judge others. Don’t forget what helped you when you sat in your own demolition site. When you think you’re right, then you’re wrong. Don’t do what you think is right, do what’s kind.

Life is a beautiful and precious thing. Falling down is a natural process. There is not one among us who is perfect. Build others up, don’t pull them down. Don’t hope that they’ll learn, hope that you have learned. Your growth can be measured by the level of compassion, mercy, and kindness that you can give to another. Specially those that you perceive have hurt you or view life differently than you do.

Be kind. Everyone is fighting their own inner conflict that we know nothing about, and if we do, that’s even more of a reason to be kind. Our opinions are designed for internal use, they’re a measure of our awareness in that moment. If they’re unkind or involve hurting another, they’re best kept to ourselves. People are intelligent, they’re able to make up their own minds.

All we have to give another is kindness. We didn’t start out being kind, we may like to think we did, but the level of kindness we can give another involves our willingness to be constantly under construction in becoming the kindest version of ourselves. Forgive ourselves for the times we could have been kinder. If we knew better, we’d have done better.

Be kind, make nobody but you your business. If someone or something pushes our buttons, make it our job to remove those buttons. Our response to any situation is our responsibility. Make it a kind one. It’s our gift to humanity. It’s the only gift we have to give to another. Everything else ends. Kindness lasts a lifetime.

Be kind, and make it our business to become even kinder. Our opinions aren’t that important, but our ability to show kindness is. Where we can’t find kindness within ourselves, put up our “under construction” sign. If we dig deeply, we’ll unearth the things we need to improve on that we’ve projected onto another. It allows us develop compassion. Without it, we cannot be kind.

We become kinder to others when we are kind towards ourselves. We accept flaws in others to the same level that we can acknowledge and accept our own. Life is a beautiful thing when we’re kind. Towards ourselves and others. It doesn’t happen by chance, it happens with our willingness to accept the fact that we are perfectly imperfect.

In a world where we can be anything, our biggest achievement is being consistently kind. If what we’re about to say to another is unkind, then don’t say it. Instead, examine our inner agenda. Nothing we achieve is an achievement if it involves a lack of kindness towards another. Kindness is our gift to ourselves and humanity. We’ll never tire of kindness. It’s the gift that just keeps giving.

We can all be unkind, we all have brute energy within us. Our job is to eradicate it before it eradicates us. It’s our duty to humankind to be kind towards other humans. Self correct unkindness quickly, and return to kindness. Before we know it, we form the habit of kindness. We become kind. It’s very becoming.

We wish you a day filled with kindness. Towards you and towards all around you. Nothing else matters.

Be kind, always.