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The first day of 2020. Happy new year to you all. A new year with new possibilities. Bring it on!

We wouldn’t be who we are today had we not experienced what we have in life. If one of those experiences could be erased, we wouldn’t be the person we are today. Each year passes and makes us wiser and more authentic. No one develops wisdom without discomfort. It’s not planned.

Life in itself is experiencing your journey. You don’t slow it down or speed it up. It moves at a pace that’s right for you. Our suffering eventually pushes us towards change, that’s what it’s designed to do. Don’t give out to yourself saying “why didn’t I see it this way years ago”?

We didn’t coz it wasn’t the right time then, there was more we needed to experience first, but it’s the right time now. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t even be reading this. Something is pushing you towards your own awakening.

No one can do that for you, no one can heal your life, no one knows the right time for u to make change but you. We know it, but we didn’t know we knew it until we knew it. And it just happens. That’s our moment of awakening. We’ve had enough of suffering and we wake up.

That’s the enlightenment we’ve been seeking. Within us all along. It doesn’t come in the way the books described it. It’s a little more messy than that. We arrive at a place of self surrender through our brokenness. We decide we don’t want to live our lives anymore in the way we’ve been living it. There it is! Done! The rest flows organically. The universe lines us up with the right people and situations to facilitate that change. U did it, no one else. And it’s perfectly timed.

Our journey through life is to awaken. To wake up to our possibilities. We’ll take little naps along the journey. It’s not possible to be awake all of the time. That’s perfectly timed too. With each pain we experience in life, within it, lies great possibility.

We have to digest that suffering, we have to experience it in our own unique way before we awaken. It’s teaching us something very valuable about ourselves. We may take little naps, but with the awareness we’re developing, we can’t go back asleep. Ever! Sometimes we may even resent that awareness because we know we can make more effective choices now and blame doesn’t have the same comfort it once did. Ignorance can be bliss, but it carries a price that we eventually pay.

Life is a journey. It’s about experiencing every part of it – fully. I never met anyone who discovered deep insights of self while they were having fun. When we’re experiencing fun we’re in it, enjoying it. That’s what it’s designed for. Everything passes, so does fun. Enjoy it fully when it’s there, but don’t go back asleep when it’s not. Life is for living, and living well is an art.

What’s happening in your life right now? Instead of wishing it was different, why not become interested in it? What is this showing me about me? Where do I need to look here? It’s not about fixing anything, it’s about making the commitment to stay awake through it all. Every single thing that’s happening in your life right now is leading you to a place where you’ll have grown so much from it in your future, that if given the choice, you wouldn’t change a bit of it.

We wish us all a journey through 2020 where we’ll stay awake together through it all. We never know when our time is up. I don’t know about you, but I plan to be awake whenever that happens.


Norah Finn.