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The new year is here! Welcome, 2019!

What do you want in your life? It won’t just happen. Life doesn’t just happen, we create it. What we have today, we created that too. No use in blaming the world or anyone else. Terrible things happen to us all. and it’s terrible that terrible things happen, but it’s even more terrible if we allow terrible events to consume us. How do we respond to those circumstances?

Therein lies our answers. Real courage comes from an honest evaluation of our present circumstances and finding our strength to rise above difficult circumstances. If we come from a loving place then we can be sure we’re flowing in life. If we’re angry, bitter, feel the world owes us something, that we’ve been wrong done by, then we’re blocking ourselves from our flow. Flow can be seen in a humans response in this world.

Do we light up those around us, or dim their light down. Did we achieve what we wanted to this year, then give ourselves a big pat on the back, and only u did it, u don’t owe the credit to anyone else. Same happens if we didn’t achieve what we wanted. Back to the drawing board. It’s time to re-create and honestly look at where we need to invest in order for us to manifest our goals. Manifestation requires intelligent focus, effort, and thoughtfulness for ourselves and those around us. Life is the real and only education. Living well is an art. It requires being a part of the greater good and when we focus on that we are looked after.

Life isn’t all about us. It’s about how we live within the greater picture. Interdependence, not codependence. And we’re codependent when we blame another or a situation for our peace of mind and state of being in this world. But if we think we can succeed alone, then we need to look at how we’re thoughtless in what we need to contribute to those around us too. Finding the balance is the key.

There’s plenty to share. And it’s that healthy sharing with good boundaries while taking personal responsibility within the greater picture that leads us to live well. A honey bee will never survive alone. And she won’t say “bye bye honey” the minute things don’t suit her personality. The bee doesn’t think of her needs. She focuses on the desired goal, works hard thoughtfully and with effort, knowing the winning comes as a team. She finds the right team and puts in the equal effort. In that interdependent place, everyone is looked after and everyone’s needs are fed. What do you want for 2019? It’s achievable.

You already know it or you wouldn’t have even manifested the thought. The struggle is a part of the outcome. It’s showing you areas that need improvement or adjustment on your behalf. Don’t give up at the first struggle. Keep re-creating with effort and thought. Keep going and growing. And when u achieve it, improve it. Quality is continuous improvement. Where do I need to educate myself this year to cope better with the struggles I’ll face.

Where do I need to improve the old responses I used last year that stopped me from achieving my own goals? If we truly want it, we’ll achieve it. If we didn’t, maybe we didn’t want it in the first place. Maybe it’s time for a different goal? Courage is when we can honestly look at that. Otherwise, we’ll just keep blaming/complaining and put it down to fate. Fate is an education in itself.

If we continued doing what we were doing that didn’t serve us well 20 years ago, how different would our fate be today? Our fate got lucky when we made a conscious decision to become the best human we could be. We made a decision to continuously improve ourselves and our lives. For ourselves and those around us. Education comes from within, and you get it by struggle and effort and thought.

What will 2019 bring to you? What are you willing to invest so that that will manifest? It won’t happen by chance. If we want lasting positive loving change, we have to look at where we are right now and become that change. Make it happen! May 2019 be a great year for us all. May we have good thoughts and put in good efforts, decide what we want and how we want to be, and make our dreams happen.


Norah Finn.