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Let Your Presence Be Your Gift This Christmas Time

When a presence of being is discovered, consciousness awakens. In this place, we can just “be”. It’s a sacred place.

Our being sits in every feeling we feel. Allowing yourself to feel you’re authentic self involves you experiencing every emotion. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Don’t allow anyone to minimize your pain or maximize your joy. If both cannot be shared in a grounded and equal way, and with mutual empathy and reverence, then there is nothing to share, there is no presence.

This world is full of “fixers”. Don’t be a fixer of another’s emotions. You’re not that powerful, talented, or special. People don’t die from feeling their feelings, they die when they are not given the space to authentically express themselves. When they are not seen. No one needs toxic positivity when they are suffering. If you cannot sit with suffering, yours or another’s, then maybe it’s you who has the problem?

Be real. Do real. Be you. Do feelings. Express. Talk. Talk more. Then talk some more. Get it all out there. Then something special happens. Hope pushes through. You’re not going under anymore. Your world begins to look a little brighter. Be careful how we deal with peoples feelings. We never know what’s going on under the surface for another until we take the time to connect with presence.

This time of the year is a wonderful magical time. It can also be a deeply painful time for some. We do not need to alter our joy or pain to suit another. Just be mindful of what those around us may be experiencing this Christmas time. The greatest smile can hide the deepest wounding. The biggest heart may be broken underneath. Be kind and be thoughtful. Then be thoughtful about being thoughtful.

Christmas is a time of the year where it is very normal to be experiencing joy and loss side by side. We’re led to believe that we can only feel one feeling at a time. That’s simply not true. We can feel a number of feelings going on at the same time. There is nothing wrong with you. Allow all emotions to “be”. Stay away from the fixers. They have a remedy for every suffering. And they haven’t heard/explored the symptoms yet?

Breathe, stay present, stick with those who are able to honestly feel their own suffering. If they cannot, how can they possibly see yours? Those who are not afraid of feelings are the real supports in your life. They don’t run or distract you from your suffering. Your presence is the greatest Christmas gift you can give to yourself and others. Stay kind, thoughtful, present. And most of all, to yourself.

We wish you a month of presence as we begin the run down to Christmas. May it be filled with more presence than presents. Real connections where true hope and joy can be restored and shared. Where we can all “see” each other. In this space is the gift of giving at Christmas. It’s not for sale in any shop.

Don’t get caught up in the small stuff. Enjoy and experience what this special time is all about: Connecting… In a healthy, healing, and authentic way!

With love,

From the Team at Alethea 🧡