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At 10.30 on Halloween morning, the team of therapists along with friends of Alethea will do a sponsored walk in “Witch Fancy Dress” from our services in Bluebell D 12 into Merchants Quay Ireland. The walk is 5.6 km.

We would like to kindly ask you to help us support the amazing work done by MQI, by donating to our cause. You can donate through our event which is posted on Alethea’s Facebook Page, or drop your donation into our services at Alethea, or MQI services.

If you’d like to bring your inner Witch out and join us, we’d be delighted for you to dress up and show up and walk with us. Help us to bring these issues out into the daylight!

About Merchant Quay Ireland

MQI services provide to people in Dublin and are often invisible. There are many who without their support would be struggling even more than they already do on a daily basis. If you go into Dublin City any night of the week, it’s clear to see the people who have been forgotten and abandoned through homelessness, addiction and mental health issues.

MQI believes in a just society, where no-one has to face homelessness or addiction alone, and where everyone has the support they need to reduce the harm caused by homelessness and addiction and to build a better life; an inclusive society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Their mission is to offer people dealing with homelessness and addiction in Ireland, accessible, high quality and effective services, which meet their complex needs in a non-judgemental and compassionate way.

Without services like MQI, where would these people be? We’ve all been impacted personally by these issues, and if we haven’t, then how fortunate are we? We witches plan not to hide until dark this Halloween night. Please support if you can. Big or small, every donation makes a difference.

Please click here if you wish to donate and support our cause!