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Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end – John Lennon.

It is most definitely not the end yet!

Getting through hardship is not about finding a bright side. It’s not about becoming a ray of positivity. It’s not about telling the world around us what the outcome will be – Unless, of course, you absolutely know and you have a cure.

Getting through our current situation is about staying present and grounded right now, and doing what we all need to do to stop the virus from spreading.

Staying present is doing everything we can do to support our own mental health, and the mental health of those around us while we’re waiting for this to end. Staying present means living right now and in this very moment, and feeling whatever it is that we’re feeling. If we’re depressed over the past, or anxious about the future, then we are not present.

Our job is to return to right now. That place where they’re are no answers, just what we are experiencing. That is all that we have right now. Experience each moment just being exactly as we are.

And if you’re struggling with anxiety, fear, paranoia and other negative feelings, please reach out. Tell someone what you’re experiencing. It’s ok to do so. I guarantee if it looks like everyone else is doing ok right now, they’re struggling too.

Everyone is adjusting in the world right now. If we’re having a good day today, it could be completely different tomorrow. And that is ok and completely understandable. We’re all in the same ocean, just in separate boats. Don’t get exhausted going against the flow. Just pull your oars in and float along together.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Stay safe and well, in mind and body.

With love, Norah 🧡