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This course will be delivered via video on Alethea’s Facebook page every weekday during the lockdown period.

What you will received upon completion :

  • Certificate of completion from the William Glasser Institute of Ireland
  • Big party full of surprises – (for the small humans)

Dr William Glasser, the founder of Choice Theory, had a vision to teach Choice Theory to the world.

No better time than in this global crisis where we’re all together indoors to become creative and teach it to the small humans in our worlds. It’s in the teaching that we learn! It’s a great opportunity for all students of Glasserian Psychology to expand on our creativity in teaching Choice Theory/Reality Therapy.

This is our gift to you from us all at Alethea during these difficult times. We hope it helps us all to relate better to the people we share our world with.

Now more than ever, we need to mind our mental health. At a time where we all need to be apart, let’s play our part by playing a part in learning better ways to relate with those around us.

Please visit our Facebook page for updates and videos on our online courses.

With love, from all of us at Alethea 🧡