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Family constellations is a systemic approach to healing disruptive life patterns, relationships and disease. This unique technique was developed by Dr Bert Hellinger (2011 Nobel Peace Prize nominee) and can bring about tremendous healing in all your relationships and various aspects of life.

It reveals hidden dynamics and patterns derived from your family that impact on you and others you care about. Disruptions occur in every family system, such as divorce, retrenchments, untimely deaths, remarriage, adoptions, miscarriages, alcoholism etc.

These may impact on an individual’s life, and manifest as illness, emotional challenges, difficult relationships and disruptive life patterns. Family Constellations is a powerful way of empowering individuals to deal with and transform difficulties in their life by seeing the hidden unconscious dynamics and entanglements. It provides a tremendous opportunity for healing the soul.

Discover what lies beneath! Transform the now still unconscious negative patterns that lie hidden in your soul. Breakthrough the shell! And find your own authentic power! Feel the support of your ancestors!