Meditation Works!


Meditation works, on every level. Let no one tell you there’s only one way to meditate, there are many meditation techniques and practices. It's like anything: we need to understand how and why it works

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Meditation and Happiness


If you were asked what you wanted in life to make you happy, what would you reply? A new house, car, job, more money, holidays, a partner, friends, more positive relationships with significant others in our lives,

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Meditation with Norah Finn


Meditation helps us on many levels: from simple relaxation to freedom from suffering to a full liberation of heart and mind. Meditation allows us to relax and focus on the moment and on what is

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How Meditation has Changed my Life


To simply put, starting Japa Mediation with Norah Finn was the best thing I ever did! Here are the reasons: I have more energy I worry less I wake up happy I get on better

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