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1504, 2020

How Are We Living The New Reality?

What will this world collectively evolve into when we come out of this collective “dark night of the soul”? We are collectively being forced into examining how we behave in this world. How we view and judge others. Are we encouragers of others, or critical? Do we live lives of gratitude, or greed? Do we work collectively together, or are we ready to attack

1404, 2020

Everyone Is Adjusting In The World Right Now

Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end - John Lennon. It is most definitely not the end yet! Getting through hardship is not about finding a bright side. It’s not about becoming a ray of positivity. It's not about telling the world around us what the outcome will be - Unless, of course, you absolutely know

1004, 2020

Out Of The “ME” And Into The “WE”

This crisis is helping us to redefine success. How we relate with ourselves and those around us is the only worthwhile inheritance we get to leave behind us on this earth. Everything else, power, money, beauty, etc, are temporary illusions. They are weapons of mass distraction. We can’t take them with us and they won’t buy us oxygen. It’s beautiful to witness how together

604, 2020

What Choice Theory Can Do For Children

Online Choice Theory For Children Do You Know What Choice Theory Can Do For Children? Our FREE online course for children started today, Monday the 6th of April, and it will happen every morning on weekdays during the lockdown period on Alethea's Facebook page. Choice Theory stands behind everything we do at Alethea. We run a Choice Theory Centre where every team member is

1803, 2020

We Are Here For You

Good morning to all our service users! We are available for our one to one sessions with clients this week, or unless this crisis requires us to close our services completely. Should that occur, we are now set up for online therapy sessions, so you won’t be left without your therapist or your appointment. Everyone’s wellbeing is our priority. We trust our therapists and

2602, 2020

Easter Fundraiser For MQI

The first day of 40 days of lent. It's all about sacrifice, but we’re not giving up our sweeties here at Alethea. Instead, we’ll pay 50c a day for the privilege, that will add up to €20 for the period of guilt free indulgence of our goodies during lent, and we’re donating that to Merchants Quay Ireland. We have no doubt that they’ll put

2502, 2020

Healing Is An Inside Job

Therapy is a journey of awareness. Healing Is An Inside Job. Healing is an inside job. So is suffering. Everything heals from the inside out, and everything pains from the inside out. With pain there is also possibility. The possibility to heal an old and wounded pattern that was formed a long time ago. It lies dormant and in our subconscious ready to be

1802, 2020


The beautiful thing about life is that we continually change and grow. Learning to be a better version of yourself involves accepting that you couldn’t do better until you knew better, as we’re constantly under construction. Be patient and grateful for the process of being alive. We’ll go through this cycle of reconstruction many, many times. Without it, how would we ever grow? Knowledge

1402, 2020

Love is the Absence of Fear

Love is the absence of fear. Two sides of the same coin called life. One exists in awareness, the other is ignorance. One is heaven, one is hell. Depending on which state we’re in, that’s all we can invest. It can be measured by the energy in which we treat others, for ultimately, that’s what we’re giving ourselves. We can’t hide it from the

101, 2020

May We All Stay Awake: Happy New Year!

The first day of 2020. Happy new year to you all. A new year with new possibilities. Bring it on! We wouldn’t be who we are today had we not experienced what we have in life. If one of those experiences could be erased, we wouldn’t be the person we are today. Each year passes and makes us wiser and more authentic. No one