2103, 2019

The End is The Beginning

The end of anything can be painful. We are uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. And especially when we haven’t healed past wounds. But everything ends. The fact that one of us will stand by the other's grave is evidence of that. It’s only a matter of when and how. How we end something will determine our next beginning. It requires maturity and emotional intelligence to

1203, 2019

Standing Up For You

Standing up for you by standing up with you. Standing as an individual in this world is our greatest responsibility and our hardest job. It means standing in who we authentically are and what is right for us. It’s a difficult journey. We all have a desire to attach. We don’t like to go against those we love and value. We don’t want to

403, 2019

We can all change. We can all grow.

We can all change. We can all grow. And most times, we only change painful ways of relating in this world through experiencing pain and suffering. Those painful experiences became a catalyst for change. We woke up one day and thought “I don’t want to exist like this anymore”. And that’s the only thing we had to do! We made a choice that we

901, 2019

What is Addiction?

"Addiction isn't about alcohol and drugs. It's the absence of self. This absence is described as a hole in your soul. You can't love others when you are empty inside. Recovery peels back the painful layers and heals that hole through connection, honesty and hard work. To love one self, is the beginning of a lifetime recovery." Addiction presents itself in many forms. A

601, 2019

Free support service helps those who have suffered loss

By Maurice Garvey to A FREE support group for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one through suicide, was launched in Park West. The volunteer-run service takes place two evenings a week (Tuesday 4.30pm to 6 pm and Friday 7 pm to 8.30pm), at the Alethea Holistic and Healing Services. Alethea has been providing low-cost counselling service to people feeling suicidal

201, 2019

Life Happens with Struggles and Efforts

The new year is here! Welcome, 2019! What do you want in your life? It won’t just happen. Life doesn’t just happen, we create it. What we have today, we created that too. No use in blaming the world or anyone else. Terrible things happen to us all. and it’s terrible that terrible things happen, but it’s even more terrible if we allow terrible

1712, 2018

Tea & Empathy: Suicide Support Group at Alethea

Tea & Empathy Click here to watch the full video of Alethea’s official launch of Tea and Empathy Suicide Support Group which took place last Saturday the 15th of December at Alethea Holistic & Healing Centre. Much thanks to Cllr Mark Ward, Mayor South Dublin County Council, Sandra Healy, Head of Diversity and Inclusion DCU, and Gino Kenny TD, People before Profit, for speaking

712, 2018

Healed humans help other humans heal

And therein lies the cure for everything! Just keep loving. When we’re loving, we’re in our flow. Life is easy and uncomplicated. We’re smiling and bringing the best of ourselves to our world. It’s witnessed by the world in our kind, compassionate, non-critical, non-judgmental, encouraging response to those around us. It’s on those days when we become hard that needs our inner investigation and

212, 2018

How Meditation Can Change Your Life

Here at Alethea, we take our meditation classes seriously. Meditation can be extremely underrated. It can be seen as a little quiet time for yourself, a means to relax, and it is, but it’s much more than. Meditation can literally change every part of your life. Moving towards creating more self-love and release from self-destructive patterns in your life. It can heal the practitioner

112, 2018

Meditation and Happiness

If you were asked what you wanted in life to make you happy, what would you reply? A new house, car, job, more money, holidays, a partner, friends, more positive relationships with significant others in our lives, etc… the list may be endless. Most of what we desire would bring us pleasure, but would it bring us prolonged and lasting happiness? What is happiness? How do we

2711, 2018

Self-Love and Acceptance

Returning to self-love requires acceptance of every situation in your life. We don’t develop character through the good times, we develop character through overcoming the things that could have broke us, yet didn’t. The tough times shaped us into who we are today. I’m not suggesting you’d welcome another round in the emotional boxing ring with Conor McGregor as a means to build character,

2011, 2018

Suicide Loss and Support

TEA AND EMPATHY At Alethea Holistic and Healing Services, we’ve been talking about what we can do to support people experiencing loss through suicide for a while now. All of us, directly or indirectly, have experienced suicide. It’s devastating and we feel helpless in this situation. It’s on the increase, we gotta do something. We opened an affordable counselling service in April 2017. It’s