411, 2019

Why Choose Counselling And Psychotherapy?

It’s good to talk! Counselling and Psychotherapy is a journey towards a deeper sense of self. So, why choose counselling and psychotherapy? Counselling and psychotherapy is all about awareness! When we understand why and how we operate as human beings in this world, we’re on our way to living our lives in a way that is more effective for us. We cannot discard old

3010, 2019

Clinical Supervision By Norah Finn

Norah Finn from Alethea is a practicing IACP Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor. Supervision creates a learning environment that supports this reflective practice. Finding the right supervisor for you is vital to your therapeutic practice. What is Supervision? Supervision is a process to maintain adequate standards of Counseling and Psychotherapy, and a method of consultancy to widen the horizons of the practitioner. Clinical Supervision is

2310, 2019

Be Mindful Of What You Pass Down

Trauma is passed down through generations, and so is healing. Never forget that. What you do today, positive or negative, will have a ripple effect on all around us and on the generations that follow after us. Children do not do what they are told, they do what they see. It is in our hands to heal our lives so that what was unhealed

1810, 2019

Walk And Talk

WALK & TALK Starts Monday November 18th 7.30- 9pm - €120 for 8 weeks. Places are limited so please book early to secure your place. Walk & Talk is a structured 8 week program focusing on educating ourselves and healing our unhealthy patterns around food and exercise. So many people struggle with this alone. It doesn’t have to be that way. Every week the

910, 2019

What Is Addiction? Am I Addicted?

Our focus through the years has mostly been on substance addiction. Unless treated, it’s a painful and deadly addiction that in most cases results in untimely death. Addiction is more complicated than just substance addiction. Addiction comes in many forms. With substance addiction it’s very clear in a short space of time that the individual is struggling with addiction. It’s hard to hide a

310, 2019

Halloween Sponsored Walk In Support of MQI

At 10.30 on Halloween morning, the team of therapists along with friends of Alethea will do a sponsored walk in “Witch Fancy Dress” from our services in Bluebell D 12 into Merchants Quay Ireland. The walk is 5.6 km. We would like to kindly ask you to help us support the amazing work done by MQI, by donating to our cause. You can donate

1009, 2019

Suicide Prevention

We all need to feel we have purpose and value. If you know someone who is depressed, will you go that extra mile? Don’t wait for them to reach out, they probably won’t. They’re already feeling a burden and that the world is passing them by. Don’t tell them “I’m here for you if you need me”. They do need you. Don’t make them

209, 2019

Meditation Works!

Meditation works, on every level. Let no one tell you there’s only one way to meditate, there are many meditation techniques and practices. It's like anything: we need to understand how and why it works before we employ it fully. Alethea is starting tomorrow another 4 week meditation class. Over the 4 weeks, we aim to give you knowledge and tools and we’ll work

708, 2019

Don’t Tell When You Can Ask

What if we just spent today practicing this? The world is full of advisers. Full of people telling us what to do instead of walking with us and supporting us in an empowering way. It comes from a good place, but is it helpful? Can you think about the last time you had a problem and how u felt when everyone around you evaluated

208, 2019

Go Hard or Go Home

I admire anyone who puts hard work in. “Go hard or go home”, a male client said this to me today. I was struck my this. I’d never heard this expression before, and I love it! He told me that this was an expression many who attend the gym use, and he used this approach to his personal therapy. To get stuck in and