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Practice Gratitude


Why practice gratitude? Gratitude has been on the minds of philosophers for thousands of years. Studies show that people who express and practice gratitude tend to be more open, willing to forgive others and less

Practice Gratitude2019-04-26T10:36:28+01:00

The End is The Beginning


The end of anything can be painful. We are uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. And especially when we haven’t healed past wounds. But everything ends. The fact that one of us will stand by the other's

The End is The Beginning2019-04-26T10:36:17+01:00

Standing Up For You


Standing up for you by standing up with you. Standing as an individual in this world is our greatest responsibility and our hardest job. It means standing in who we authentically are and what is

Standing Up For You2019-04-26T10:36:03+01:00

What is Addiction?


"Addiction isn't about alcohol and drugs. It's the absence of self. This absence is described as a hole in your soul. You can't love others when you are empty inside. Recovery peels back the painful

What is Addiction?2019-04-26T10:35:47+01:00

Meditation and Happiness


If you were asked what you wanted in life to make you happy, what would you reply? A new house, car, job, more money, holidays, a partner, friends, more positive relationships with significant others in our lives,

Meditation and Happiness2019-04-26T10:39:20+01:00

Self-Love and Acceptance


Returning to self-love requires acceptance of every situation in your life. We don’t develop character through the good times, we develop character through overcoming the things that could have broke us, yet didn’t. The tough

Self-Love and Acceptance2018-12-13T12:23:26+00:00

Suicide Loss and Support


TEA AND EMPATHY At Alethea Holistic and Healing Services, we’ve been talking about what we can do to support people experiencing loss through suicide for a while now. All of us, directly or indirectly, have

Suicide Loss and Support2018-12-13T14:40:24+00:00

Standing as an Individual


Standing as an individual is not easy! Standing as an individual in this world is probably the hardest thing we’ll ever do. If life is constantly hard work, then it’s not working. No matter what

Standing as an Individual2018-11-13T11:05:34+00:00

Self-Love and Healing


Self-love and healing is a journey of returning to your authentic self. A lot of the time, we don’t go on the voyage voluntarily. It kinda finds us. We’ve probably been traumatized into it by

Self-Love and Healing2018-12-13T14:39:06+00:00